About That Daniel

Hey there. I’m Daniel Feuer.

When asked, “So Daniel, wat do you do?”, I’m always thinking about the answer. Years ago (many) I would have said, web developer, a new Dad and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Even though now I might be “grown up”, I’m still open to what I want to be. However in the long run I don’t get to determine my legacy.

One common thread I’ve noticed through out my life is, I really like helping people. I started volunteering at an early age teaching kindergarten, but now it’s helping entrepreneurs and lately it’s evolved in to social issues. Like many, I needed to make some changes when the Covid-19 epidemic took hold. At the time in March 2020 I was running my cufflink business, pranga & co. With people all of a sudden working at home and formal events like weddings being cancelled, cufflinks weren’t (and rightly so) a priority for people.

Wanting to ensure that I continued meeting my financial obligations, I signed up to work as part-time Instacart Shopper as I created new products for pranga & co that weren’t so pandemic dependent. One reason that I liked being a Shopper was that common thread, helping people out. I quickly figured out what I was going and make some good money. Fast forward to Summer 2021 and I started noticing that the amount of money Instacart contributed to my (and other Shopper’s) earnings had fallen off a cliff. I was now about to make that evolution to social issues.

So as part of that evolution and “next chapter”, I’m doing what I can to help other Shoppers. From creating and sharing an earnings tracker spreadsheet (link coming soon), speaking out publicly about Instacart (watch the videos here and here) or writing an open letter to Instacart CEO Fidji Simo. I’ll continue the effort until Instacart makes it right.

So go ahead Instacart, continue to underestimate me and other 500,000 other Shoppers . . . that’ll be fun!