Yes, I’m THAT Daniel!

You might be here because of pranga & co, Nibbles & Spice or because of Instacart.

I’m an entrepreneur and like many others, my income was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Needing to meet my family obligations, I signed-up to become an part-time Instacart Shopper. From my first shop in May 2020, I quickly began to enjoy the flexible hours which still allowed me to keep my entrepreneurial efforts alive.

However, like the majority of Shoppers, I was caught off-guard when Instacart didn’t tell me that they were reducing their contribution to my earnings! I had been effectively earning over $25/hr (not including tips), but over the course of a couple of months that was slashed to $11/hr at times. That’s well below the Ontario minimum wage. Just because Instacart considers us Independent Contractors, doesn’t mean that we should be paid less than the brand new staff working at McDonalds.

I am one of 500,000 Instacart Shoppers who’s trying to hold the company to account. There are many ways to make an impact and I encourage you to find yours. I’ll be posting my efforts here so please feel free to join in the conversation or our group on Facebook. There’s a box below for you to provide your email address should you want to see what THAT Daniel’s going to do next.

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